Getting Personal: Three things I learned when I was young

I have somehow been intertwined in the world of art and design since my first trip to Hawaii when I was nine. It was love at first sight and I have never forgotten the raw beauty of the landscape and the people I met there. The people were different. Wild like the ocean, unassuming like the vast expanses of sand, poetic and open.

Three things happened that changed my life while I was there;

Pat, a gallery owner, took me in and taught me about the local trees and flowers after I stopped in to admire a painting of a palm leaf.

A local boy took me out surfing and when I fell off my board and into a mass of kelp and started to get tangled, he rescued me and explained that keeping a clear head was key to survival.

Native dancers that performed at our hotel twice a week took a shine to me and taught me a few moves. I went home with poi balls, a grass skirt and music to practice with.

Those three encounters taught me that:

People who care will take the time to share,

Remaining calm could save my life,

That you need to find your own rhythm.

Getting Professional

I am an interior designer, artist and maker who has been a regular contributor to many magazines and television programs. I regularly give lectures on how to make your home your sanctuary in Canada and Bermuda.

My interior design work has been portrayed in the following publications: The Montreal Gazette, The National Post, The Suburban, Wall to Wall, Montreal Home Magazine, The Globe and Mail and the “Royal Gazette” in Bermuda.

I have appeared on the television shows; Citymag, Take One, Salut Beauté, C’est simple comme bonjour, Feng Shui Life and the HGTV show called Buy Me.

In Autumn 2018, I plan on launching my line of Eco-friendly products for the home and in Spring 2019 I should be launching my own magazine, which will feature my products as well as the places, foods and things I love. I look forward to getting your feedback.

“I believe in surrounding yourself with the things you love. That way no matter where you are in your home you will find happiness.”