Fashion Designer Heidi Merrick in her LA Store

Heidi Merrick has her own fashion house in LA and the beautiful clothes produced there are crafted with sustainability in mind. And I like that.

I also like the cool vibe that exudes from each and every piece of clothing produced. I feel cool just looking at them and I feel like I should get to know them better and so should you. So here is a breakdown of some of my favorite items.

The Swimwear:

I have never been known for my fashionable swimwear. My skin is celtic, which is short for pasty white, so my surf ensemble has always consisted of a t-shirt and shorts or leggings. This is definitely not cool, especially given that sometimes my t-shirt is just a regular t-shirt.  In comes Merrick’s ERIS RASHGUARD collection (see above).

Made with a luxurious Nylon-Spandex Tricot for extreme comfort, this swimtop will make you want to cut work and go catch a wave. Ocean not included.

SRF Collection:

If waves aren’t your thing but you still want to keep it casual, the pared down fashion of Heidi’s SRF collection offers up some basic components like sweatshirts and tees. Pair with the Kaolin or Leo trouser and Vulcan coat for a dressed up look.

Evenings Out:

For evenings out there are many choices but my favorites are these:

From office to evening:

To go from work to an evening out, this versatile outfit is my absolute fave. The knit skirt is paired with the winged turtleneck and Leo trousers. Add heels and remove the trousers for a casual happy hour date or keep the trousers and add the Écharpe Bandeau top and the Ile blazer for a more formal affair. There are so many pieces to mix and match.

Cover photo by Atelier Doré – Read interview here

All other photos by Elizabeth Lippman

Heidi Merrick 

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