Gray stoneware dishes from Looks Like White

I am a big fan of ceramic dishes, especially round edged plates. Although I tend to lean towards the all white, lately I have been attracted to more rustic options like gray. Especially when combined with earth toned table linens such as this. Isn’t this cozy?

One of my favorite websites for inspiration is Looks Like White.

Trudy Crane styles her photos beautifully and offers up some of the most beautiful dishes in white. One of my favorites is this large porcelain platter with a smooth shiny finish. It is perfect for serving fruit, Bocconcini and tomatoes, smoked salmon dill bites or any other appetizer you wish to serve.

I find that when you have beautiful ceramic dishes they make the food look that much more appetizing. The same goes for the table.

If you use a beautiful linen cloth underneath your dishes, your dishes will really shine.

The linen can be in a neutral or complementary tone depending on what type of place setting you’re aiming for. A French Country look would combine white on white whereas a Rustic look will be obtained by layering shades of gray such as in the headlining photo.

I will soon be offering some linen table cloths in my Etsy shop so stay tuned.

xo Tracey

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