Room with a view

I love nature and having a view from my office is very important to me.  Especially if the view is one of trees and flowers.

This picture, found on Pinterest, is one of many beautiful window seat pictures that I found. However, this one has it all. A green view, black window and wooden surround. I love it all!

So this got me to thinking about my office and if it would be possible to do the same thing. Once I got past the view and noticed the white built ins, I realized that I could create the window seat without having to break my exterior wall. Can you say “Yippee”.

My present office has already been renovated once. My house is from the 1950’s so originally there was a built in desk and bookshelves in this room that we replaced with white IKEA cabinetry for a clean bright look. Which is great but not as great as this window seat! Now I just have to figure out a way of convincing my husband that I cannot survive without it.

Here’s another amazing window seat but this one has a window that swings opens.

Datum House - figr

Or maybe we should forget about walls and have a beautiful view on all sides. I wish! This is definitely a daydreamers paradise.pinterest: natalyaamiee Sunset window


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